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Daylight means you get to use the courts for free (for tennis, ice skating not allowed). Providing they have not been booked for priority activities (such as competition, social hits or coaching), they are your's to use and share with other members.

Fair use though. When all courts are in use by members, if a game of doubles with those waiting, we ask that the members using the court for the longest step aside after 30 minutes and let those waiting have a hit.


No need to light the courts with jars of fireflies, $10 an hour per court is all you need. 6 brightly lit candles will see you playing well after the sun goes down.


To play competition you must be a member of a club. Why LPTC? We have match secretaries for each group (senior secretary, junior secretary and coordinators for men’s and ladies midweek competition and social night) they look after everything to make it easy for you to play competition.

We won’t try to get in your way either. While we believe winning is a great sensation, having fun every match is more important. If you and your friends want to play together, we will work with the competition organisers to find you and your friends a suitable section. Just remember sometimes this can’t happen. Pat Cash may be your best mate, but, if this is your first season holding a racquet we are probably going to have to come up with some other ideas.

On the other hand. If you want to play with people who are just at your level, we will scour our club for suitable team mates and co-ordinate your team creation for you.

First competition at LPTC. Complementary shirt and cap provided, we think they look good enough that everyone should have them.


As a member throwing a gold $2 coin into the kitty to help cover costs is all that is needed.

Whether you use the social hits as a friendly hit up or as part of your training programme to improve your tennis, we just want to see you out on the courts. Grab your racquet and come down and make new friends.

Lights are a bit of a bummer. We have a professor working on a free source of electricity. In the mean time the power company wants some money (they wont take used tennis balls), a small fee of $5 lets us power those lights for the 2 hours of tennis.


For a small deposit, how about the keys to the front door?

We know. You want to play on your own schedule, you don’t want to limit yourself to playing when someone else has opened the front door. You want it on your terms.

Well for just $100 deposit you get an electronic fob. Thats not a yearly figure or something you have to deal with every year. Deal with it once and it roles over the whole time you keep your membership current. On your way out return the fob and you get your $100 back.


Fierce on all levels. Passion that doesn’t cease.

LPTC runs like it does because of the members passion for Tennis. Seeing everyone on the courts is one thing, members go out of their way to perform minor maintenance, negotiate with suppliers and council, co-ordinate events, competition and working bees. Build websites, let the committee know when things are not right, champion the club and run community outreach programs.


We have a tight partnership with our coaching parter. As the club has grown so have they, their volume of coaching programs increases and they will make every effort to get you into the right coaching group.

Most of us wouldn’t mind some professional assistance, now is probably a good time to check out our coaching provider 


Starting out in the middle of our membership year. No problem.

First time members have the option of taking a membership pro-rata from the month you join. So if you join when we only have 10 months left in the membership year, you only need to pay for those 10 months.

Contact us for more assistance with this.

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