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The Australian Alpha Tennis Academy provides a range of services to all participants as part of their program. From ages 3 to adults, the classes are diverse and inclusive. 

This premium service is available for all tennis skill levels from beginners to professional players. Hosted by former pro athletes, the coaches provide their outstanding knowledge and global experience to our community. 

The coaching provider is also registered with the NDIS providing additional services among tennis, including exercise physiology. 

The Australian Alpha Tennis Academy is an all abilities academy, which believes everyone can participate in our beautiful sport. 




Exercise Physiology


Hosted by former ATP players, the tennis program consists of private lessons, squads, hot shots group lessons for kids, adult lessons and cardio tennis.

The fitness programs are run by highly skilled individuals to provide the correct services to the individual's needs. These programs can be 1:1 or in a group, such as Bootcamp!

Provided by allied health professionals, exercise physiology services are available at our club. These services are available to the community and may be funded by the NDIS.

Please contact the Australian Alpha Tennis Academy below for more info!


The Australian Alpha Tennis Academy is a registered NDIS provider! 

This means NDIS participants can have access to funded tennis lessons, exercise physiology and more!

For more information we recommend contacting the Academy directly on 0426 697 170.

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Free Trial

FREE Trial Lesson

To claim your free trial lesson contact Australian Alpha Tennis Academy on 0426 697 170 or follow the link below

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